Guitar Studio’s Upcoming Concert

Guitar Studios Upcoming Concert

Ashley Argueta, Staff Writer

With quarantine throwing everything for a loop, our school’s performing musical groups have had to adapt. Guitar Studio is no exception. Mr. Habersat, who teaches many music classes including Guitar Studio/Guitar Ensemble says, “Guitar Studio is very different this year. Instead of working on performing as a classical guitar ensemble, we have been focusing on transcribing and arranging our own songs for Guitar Ensemble.”

Guitar Ensemble will have their first virtual concert on December 1st at 7:00 pm (link below). Students will be performing songs such as “House of the Rising Sun”, “Mr. Brightside”, and “Little Dark Age”. Habersat explains, “The fall guitar night live stream is a snapshot of the work that we have been doing in class. Students were put into bands of five and they selected a section of a song they wanted to play together. Each student either composed or transcribed their part from the original recording. Everyone recorded a video of themselves performing their part along with a backing track and the videos were stitched together to showcase their arrangement.”