The First Car in Space?


The SpaceX rocket launch was a success and the first car was sent into orbit ever.

Michal Landa, Staff Writer

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. or better known as SpaceX is a company working to make a more efficient way to deliver objects into space. Founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, the company has been excelling greatly in building reusable rockets that enter orbit and return back to earth without destruction. February 7th marks the day they first launched their Falcon Heavy rocket. Why is this important you may ask? Well as the launch and landing of this rocket was near successful, perfecting this rocket makes it the strongest rocket in the world. With being able to lift and send into orbit nearly 64 metric tons, or around 20 adult elephants worth of weight, this space rocket can send almost twice that of the rocket in second place. Also with this launch, the payload sent into orbit was the CEO of SpaceX’s Tesla car accompanied with a robot inside it. This car is set to pass through the asteroid belt and orbit through deep space till it comes into collision with a planet or asteroid. If the company continues to make space exploration more efficient, in the coming years, the company may have the first people to land on Mars. Maybe they’ll find the Tesla car they sent into space someday.