Clockwork Prince

Mikki Horvath, Staff Writer

SPOILERS for those who never read the first book.
The second novel to the infernal devices trilogy, Clockwork Prince, is just as thrilling as the first. Tessa Grey, the main protagonist, has finally found safety at the London’s institute with her new found family of shadowhunters. No peace lasts forever. The Magister still has his mind set on Tessa, which will be easier if Charlotte Branwell, the head of the institute, loses her position due to personal conflicts with Benedict Lightwood, who’s always thought she was unfit for the position. Along with Magisters plan so far, Tessa and her friends discover that he’s planning on war. A war that could erase all shadowhunters from the planet.
The tragedies continue as Will’s curse is revealed as well as why he is who he is. Magister has eyes on all due to his clockwork devices, which will endanger everyone as well as those who don’t know about what’s going on, like Will’s family. In addition to these intense conflicts, the love triangle between Tessa, Jem Carstairs, and Will Herondale become heart wrenching to even read. Tessa has become loyal to Jem, who’s growing more ill by the day, but is still drawn towards Will, who’s undergoing dramatic changes in his life.
While reading the questions will continue to pile up. Will the Magister be stopped? Will the curse on Will ever be diminished? Who will hold Tessa’s heart? After this novel checkout the third book, Clockwork Princess, as well as others by the very talented Cassandra Clare.