Tennis Takes to Court in 2022


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Tennis game. Tennis balls on the tennis court. Sport, recreation concept

Jessica Komperda, Staff Writer

The Oak Lawn girls tennis team has been going on for over a month now, and has had a great start to the season. With tennis starting in the beginning of August, it has brought in many new, and returning players for the 2022 season. Some games played by the tennis team have been with Reavis, Tinley Park, TF North, TF South, Shepard, and Eisenhower, with some tournaments like the Morton Quad, Varsity Raider Invite, and Marian JV Tournament. JV has gotten the win for both conference matches against Reavis and Shepard, and Varsity is undefeated 5-0 with their conference matches. The returning coaches this year are Varsity Coach, Coach Doyle and Junior Varsity Coach, Coach Kerrigan.

Coach Doyle has some words of reflection and encouragement.
Stated by coach Doyle, “The team is doing much better than expected. Varsity is undefeated in conference matches with the score 5-0. The team is in a good mental state on the courts, which is leading them to success. My advice would be keep on doing what you are doing, have trust in what your doing in practice and in a game, and don’t over think.

Tennis game. Tennis balls on the tennis court. Sport, recreation concept (Getty Images/iStockphoto)The team’s hard work is definitely going to pay off.”

With those words of advice, I on behalf of everyone wish best of luck to the girls tennis team of 2022 for a great rest of the season, and for many more wins to come.