Community Outreach: A Success Story


115 members of the Arabic speaking community and 22 members of the Spanish speaking community attended the event.

Caroline Kwak, Writer

On November 13 the OLCHS Spanish 4/4 Honors classes and Arabic for Heritage Speakers class came together to create a very successful community outreach event. Mrs. Wong, Ms. Byrne, Mrs.Razik, and Mrs. Elmasry were among the main organizers of this event. There were many different events the families could take part in. As Mrs. Elmasry said “the biggest success was the classroom/school tours because the parents got to see the classrooms where their children learn throughout the day.” There were many other events the parents and students could take part in. Another big success was experiencing the dance of both cultures. Mrs. Wong said “it was great seeing both cultures coming together to learn both of the cultural dances creating unity.”

Since the very first event in 2014 each and every year the outcome would grow. This year there were over 100 members of the Arabic community and many members of our Spanish speaking community. This year Mrs. Elmasry is teaching Arabic classes for the first time as she was the one to offer Arabic classes at OLCHS. With this being her first time included in this event she would like to give a special thank you to Mrs. Wong for including her and her classes in this event.

All in all this year community outreach event surpassed the expectations of many people. From the feedback Mrs. Wong has gotten it showed that people had a great time learning about other cultures while creating a bonding experience.