Forest Battle : Bears vs. Rams


Bears dominate against the Rams with a final score of 15-6.

Bernadeta Buikyte, Staff Writer

On Sunday, December 9th the Bears had an amazing game against one of their top competitors, the LA Rams. In the first quarter of the game, both the Rams and the Bears scored three points each. Then in the second quarter, again each team scored three points leaving them in a tie by the third quarter. At this point in the game fans were screaming for their teams to make a touchdown that would put them in the lead. At 10:21PM the Bears scored a touchdown that puts them in the lead against the Rams. This was great news for Bears fans but Rams fans were devastated as DB Dominique Hatfield was injured and a cart was brought onto the field to assist. The Rams, however, did not let the injury of a player stop them from playing, and they persevered for the remainder of the game. Despite their effort, the Bears came out on top to win the game with a final score of 15 – 6.