Fourth Quarter Spartist – Alexandria Demas


An image Alex has taken during the beautiful season of winter.

Michal Landa, Staff Writer

Alexandria Demas is currently a junior and is in independent study for photography. She has been in photography for most of high school and has been working very hard with Mrs. Wargin. Photography runs in her blood as her grandma, father and sister have done photography. She also finds a lot of enjoyment and fun in taking photos. The photos she enjoys taking the most are of nature and people. She likes to document people’s feelings and the beauty in nature. Alex is planning to take photography classes in college and continue to take photos after college however does not think she will be going into photography as a career. She also got awarded the Outstanding Junior for both Art and Science which adds to how amazing of a student she is. Mrs. Wargin herself has said that Alex is driven, she knows how to learn on her own,and that she works like a true artist. She explained that an artist creates what is on their mind, they revise it, and continues this process till perfection and this is what Alex demonstrates.