Spartist Salaam Khater


Michal Landa, Staff Writer

Salaam Khater is currently a senior and is in AP Studio Art. AP Studio Art is a very rigorous and demanding class, requiring many pieces of artwork to be created in a short amount of time. For the class, throughout the year Salaam needed to make a total of 29 pieces. In the first semester she needed to make 12 pieces that exemplify her range of skill and technique for her Breadth portfolio. Then, for second semester, she needed to complete 12 pieces revolved around a theme for her Concentration Portfolio. After completing the 24 pieces, 5 pieces for the Quality Portfolio must be additionally completed or selected from the 24, of which need to be the 5 best works that show growth and skill. The AP Studio Art students recently submitted all of the work on Tuesday May 7th after a year long of hard work. Salaam hopes to expand her artistic skills at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she will be continuing her academic career.