Kesha Will Keep “Praying”

Kesha Will Keep

Bernadeta Buikyte

Have you ever thought about that tv show you always used to watch as a kid and thought about the actors who just disappeared off the face of the earth? Well, Kesha wasn’t an actress but she sure did disappear.

Kesha started off her career signed to Dr.Luke a successful producer of Sony, she was well known for her hit song “Tik Tok” back in 2010. But what happened then? 2012 was a big year for Kesha, she released a lot of music and gained a huge following. But then everything went south for a few years.

Kesha did a collaboration with Zedd, a Russian-German DJ recently in 2015, but after their song “True Colors” was released, Kesha fell off the radar, with no new music.

These past 4 years Kesha, has been fighting lawsuit after lawsuit against her superstar producer Dr.Luke. Kesha filed a lawsuit against her producer, claiming that Dr.Luke had drugged and sexually assaulted Kesha without her consent on multiple occasions. The very first accusation against Dr.Luke was made in October, 2014.

After Luke heard about these accusations and Kesha’s lawsuit, he attempted suing her for going against her contract and trying to leave the company. Kesha told her lawyers that Luke would not allow her to release any music and tried controlling her. She went through many difficult years until August 11, 2017 when Kesha released a new album called “Rainbow”. She found a way to go against her producer and release her music for the world to hear.

But it was not just her music that was released, it was her story. Kesha used this new album to express herself and show how she has grown from her past. In her new song, “Praying” Kesha reveals that she is happy for who she has become after all that she went through, and is only coming back stronger than ever. She doesn’t hope for anything bad to happen to anybody, but she hopes they find peace. Kesha took her mistakes and made them a lesson, she pushed through and survived.

Don’t let the monsters inside of you take the lead, express yourself and tell your story. You don’t know who might be listening.

Just like Kesha survived and is still pushing for justice, she found a way to get her music out even when it seemed impossible.