The Mortal Instruments Play Better in Print

Mikki Horvath, Staff Writer

No movie can portray a novel exactly as it was written in the book, but they can come close. Best selling author, Cassandra Clare, wrote this urban fantasy series based upon a girl, Clary Fray, who discovers who she was destined to be. The first book of The Mortal Instruments five book series, City of Bones was produced into a movie which sparked the attention of a majority of book lovers.


Eager to see how well they recreated the ideas envisioned by thousands of fans all around, they seemed to fail our expectations. Those who haven’t read the books probably thought it was a very good concept and liked the idea of this ordinary girl having her life taken away before her very eyes. Then going further to embrace her fate and fight the antagonist who’s trying to destroy the world of shadowhunters and mundanes, non shadowhunters.


The movie didn’t even dent the whole concept that Cassandra took so much time and effort to put forth into these novels. It was as if someone had to write a summary of what happened throughout the book, which was due the next class, and used Wikipedia as a source.


The overall feel of the movie didn’t seem to come close to how it was written in the book. A few mix ups here and there would have been acceptable. Who are we kidding? Not every detail can be fit into a length of a movie. But to attempt to pass off all these events within an hour and a half, is unacceptable and leave many many questions left unanswered for the audience who hasn’t read the books.


Thinking it’d be a better idea to transition the whole series into a television show just created even more of a disaster. The switched out the actors, even BIGGER mistake. The new actors don’t seem to embody the role of each character. They’ve changed the ball game. The book is suppose to be about a girl who’s struggling to come to terms with her life and fight back what has been taken while making friends and developing a crush throughout that time. Yet this tv show has shifted all of that, they’re portraying it as if it was just another teenage drama. Making less importance of what’s at stake and empathizes teenage hormones.


Take note producers, if a book is fascinating and thrilling, has thousands of readers head over heels for it, and if a movie or show is not enough to capture all of its essence, leave it alone!