The Overuse of Technology


Rory Ali, Staff Writer

Have we abused the power we hold on technology? For the past two years my vision has been a stable -4 when suddenly I visited the eye doctor only to be informed that my vision had drastically dropped to a -6. My doctor stated a good point that stuck with me, “As kids we learned with pencil and paper but today you will rarely find that in school. We can’t escape the cons of technology because even today, kids are glued to technology for 8 hours a day for their education as the administration only ever sees the pros.” – Doctor 1. Its true, not only do we have to study using a screen for 8 hours a day but we even have to have that screen with us while we use the bathroom. When I was younger we asked to use the bathroom then we’d be granted access and we’d go. Today we ask an iPad for permission and then take that iPad with us to the bathroom. During Spartan Plus we take attendance for ourselves and you guessed it, using our iPad. To join a club you don’t sign up on paper but instead scan a code and sign up online. Relying on something that could go out anytime during a power outage for simple tasks does not seem healthy to me. We are shamed for being glued to our phones but are then taught to be glued to our iPads. Do the pros of using a screen out shine the cons? What do you think?