There’s “Something in the Way” Robert Pattinson plays Batman


Camila Ramirez, Staff Writer

     The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves has a star-studded cast consisting of Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Jeffrey Wright. Reeves’ rendition of Batman is an angsty and mysterious take on the classic DC tale of Bruce Wayne’s vigilante fight against crime in the grimy city of Gotham. Its iconic soundtrack and jarring visuals is what makes The Batman one of the biggest box office hits in 2022. 


      In The Batman, Bruce Wayne is still mourning the death of his father and has since turned to his vigilante persona, Batman, to receive justice. A recent series of murders in Gotham puzzles Batman and incites him to uncover the truth about who is responsible. Batman teams up with Lt. Gordon (played by Jeffrey Wright) to chase the clues the Riddler has left them in order to reveal his true identity. An unlikely friendship with Selina Kyle (played by Zoe Kravitz) helps Batman get an inside look of the corrupt systems that the victims work for. Batman and his accomplices work hard to catch the Riddler while exposing the corrupt truth of Gotham’s most prestige. 


     The main attraction to The Batman is its impressive soundtrack. With songs curated by Michael Giacchino, each song perfectly fits the dark vibe of each scene. One specific song that shares the scenes of intensity that Robert Pattinson helps bring, is Something in the Way by Nirvana. This song became the main face of The Batman and was used in the promotion of this movie. Robert Pattinson’s noir performance in any scene in which this song is used, emulates Something in the Way’s dark lyrics and haunting vocals. The Batman also helped reintroduce a new generation to Nirvana’s music and caused a 1,200% increase in streams, according to There’s no doubt that Nirvana was the band to be used to lead the soundtrack of the grungy The Batman. 


     The insane direction and editing of The Batman is another eye catcher that shouldn’t be disregarded. Matt Reeves does an amazing job using color to enchant the viewer of the visually churning scenes. The camerawork focuses on the action happening in the center of the shot and the surrounding frame is extremely dark. This helps the viewer really indulge themselves in the scene and focus on the plot. Dark colors such as blues, blacks, and grays are used in scenes that just include Batman and his violent fights. Compared to the use of a brighter filter in the scene which includes both Batman and Catwoman. In one of the last scenes of the movie, Batman and Catwoman converse on the terrace while the sun is rising. This one of the few scenes shot during the day and the bright city lights bring a warm feeling to the scene. The Batman is an overall gloomy movie in which the editing and color perfectly depict. 


     The Batman scored an 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and $369.3 million in the Box Office. With powerful and melancholy visuals, The Batman is truly a movie to remember. I recommend this movie to those who want to see a modern version of the classic Batman tale. The depiction of corruption in this movie is a mirror of the current state of our society. The Batman is one of the most memorable Batman movies and just a great film.