Spartist of the Week

Ashley Argueta, Staff Writer

The featured Spartist of this week is sophomore Daisy Trigg. She was chosen by Ms. Cooper, and the photo featured was taken in her photography 1 class. When asked to comment on her work, Daisy said, “I like to consider myself an overall bubbly, warm hearted, very welcoming type of person. A lot of my photos I like to take, especially for photography, definitely show that. I like capturing things in photos that reflect me as a person, and I like editing them in a way that enhances my personality as well. That specific photo is a great example of that: it has personal staples that represent me, and the overall look of it definitely shows my personality and personal style of editing too. I’ve always admired art, and I have so much respect for all types of artists and all of their beautiful creations; so being in a photography class to start out with only makes sense. I hope this really starts to make my work improve from here on out.”