Talent Talent Everywhere!


Owen Dziemiela, Staff Writer

OLCHS showcased some awesome talent at this year’s show. With tons of acts to cover, this article servers to talk about some of the highlights, as well as the top 3 voted acts.

During the OLCHS talent show, many types of acts are displayed. One such unique act was not performed by an individual, but rather by a large group. The Debke Dance performance was done by the members of the MSA, all gathering onstage for a traditional display for the crowd to see, and was one of the most unique performances of the night.

Another notable performance was the two-part staff performance of the popular songs “Hallelujah” and “Billionaire”, performed by Mr. Denton and Mr. Kallenborn. This performance saw both of the staff members onstage for a duet, creating a dynamic in the theatre that was difficult to surpass.

Finally, the grand 3 performances of the night, each receiving a varying cash prize for their performance. In third, was a Stand-up Comedy performance by Omar Uwainat. Second, was Morning Glory performed by “Sage”. In first place, came the Dance performance by the Spartan Dance Team. These three competitors have a bright future for performing ahead of them.

When asking Hunter Gray, a freshman at OLCHS, for his opinion on the talent show, he rated it at a “4 out of 5”, and referred to it as “Fulla vibe”. Hopefully, next year’s talent show will be just as” full of vibe” too.