The Death Of A Comic Legend


Stan Lee at the premiere of a Marvel movie.

Melanie Schlesser, Staff Writer

It seems that many prominent figures in the world have been passing away the last few years. A couple years ago saw the deaths of Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, and Alan Rickman. This year another legend has left the realm of the living.

Comic creator Stan Lee passed away a couple weeks ago. Stan Lee is best known as the creator of the “Captain America” comics and countless other beloved heroes. Stan was also a prominent figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to his cameo in every Marvel film produced, including the X-Men movies and the original Spider-Man trilogy.

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of Avengers 4, have informed fans that the late Legend had filmed his cameo for the upcoming film prior to his death and have alluded to footage that can be used in future films. Stan Lee also has cameos in Ralph Breaks the Internet and Captain Marvel.

There has been an abundance of celebrities speaking out on Stan Lee’s death. Many celebrities offer prayers to Stan’s family and talk about what an impact he had on their lives. Marvel actors, such as Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr., have spoken out regarding Stan Lee’s death not only thanking him for the opportunity to play superheroes but for also inspiring the thousands of people that can relate to the heroes he created.

While the news of Stan Lee’s death is painful for many, it is by no means surprising. Stan was 95 and had been in declining health prior to his death. He had made a handful of hospital visits and was forced to cancel comic convention appearances due to poor health. The official cause of death has been reported to be cardiac arrest that was accompanied by respiratory failure.

It’s heartbreaking to see a man that has created a culture pass away. Thankfully, though, his legacy will live on in his countless fans and the people that bring his creations to life. Now, in the words of the man himself, Excelsior!