Accomplished: 1st Half Of Junior Year


Melanie Schlesser, Staff writer

I’ve heard that junior year is the hardest one out of someone’s entire high school career because of getting ready for college by taking the SAT and ACT and starting college hunts. While some of my classes definitely felt like that, some were amazing! Now I’m not usually one to be positive, but I believe that some teachers and classes deserve some much needed appreciation.

I’m going to start with a class that is consistently my favorite—English. Every year since 6th grade my English/Language Arts class was my favorite, and the teachers were cool was well. That trend didn’t stop as I entered into English 3 honors with Mr. Doyle.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d like Doyle entering into his class on the first day, but that was to be expected starting a new year. I was leaning more on hating it due to having Sophie’s World as the summer assignment. For those unfamiliar with the novel, it’s weird and about philosophy. Doyle, however, made up for the summer assignment. He’s funny and genuinely makes the class interesting with not only fun commentary on the novels but also by not being afraid to pick on kids in a joking manner. The novels this year haven’t been terrible, too. The novels so far included the Oedipus trilogy by Sophocles, King Lear by Shakespeare, and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. The novels weren’t always nonstop action or page turners, but they were still good and it didn’t feel like a chore having to do the homework readings on my own.

Another class I like this year is Recreational Sports And Wellness with Mr. Thornburgh. Now I’m not an athletic or sporty person, but I like this class. Mostly because I have a 100%. I also like Mr. T, so that also helps.

All in all, not every class is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. With my favorite teas, so to speak, one is a consistent favorite and the other is a surprising twist. But they’re still fun and great. So in the end, junior year isn’t proving to be that bad. Yet.