Blaze Pizza Food Review

Jules Rollberg, Staff Writer

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Blaze Pizza, located on 6230 West 95th Street, is a recently opened pizza joint infamous for their fire roasted masterpieces. The restaurant itself is clean for the most part, with both indoor and outdoor seating. Upon walking inside, customers are met with the wafting smell of mouthwatering pizza and happy, upbeat music. The restaurant’s environment is generally cheerful, with enthusiastic staff who’ll greet you the moment you step inside. The menu lists several delicious signature pizzas, ranging from pizzas for meat lovers to veggie pizzas for those who like a little vegetables on their pizzas.
One of the menu’s most popular selections is the “Build Your Own Pizza” option for $8.45 and allows you to chose whichever sauces, cheeses, toppings, and seasoning you prefer. Although it’s slightly expensive, it’s definitely worth the money.
After you choose from a variety of fresh toppings, the pizza is “fast fire’d,” or in other words, cooked in a fire oven for a few minutes. It comes out slightly burnt on the bottom, but it definitely doesn’t take away from its delicious taste. The pizza itself is very good, with flavorful sauce and cheese that go hand in hand to make it a masterpiece. And that isn’t even including the delectable toppings, that complement the pizza just about perfectly.
Blaze Pizza is definitely worth checking out because of its positive teen-friendly environment and mouthwatering food. You certainly will not regret it

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