2023 Badminton Season Overview


Jessica Komperda, Staff Writer

The Girls Badminton season of 2023 has officially come to an end. Starting the season March 2nd going into conference, April 27th.


The varsity badminton team this year had a full schedule composed of practices, games, triangulars, quads, tournaments, and conference matches.


The girls played in 2 triangulars consisting of Hinsdale South and Lyons. 3 quads were played this season, Joliet West, Sandburg, Riverside Brookfield. 3 tournaments were also attended being the DGN Invite, Lockport Invite, and Glenbard North invite.


The Glenbard North invite came with many wins from the team. Wins from the tournament came from Sandy Berg (1st place), Delilah Trujillo (1st place), Jailyn Haupt (1st place), Emily Moyer (1st place), Sofia Barrera (2nd place), Natalie Moyer (2nd place), Ava Johnson (3rd place ), and Madyson Lane (3rd place).


Many conference games wins came from all members of the team improving each person’s conference record.


Day one of conference (Doubles) came on April 25th at Argo.1st doubles Sandy Berg and Delilah Trujillo (2nd place), 2nd doubles Emily Moyer and Jailyn Haupt (3rd place), Sofia Barrera and Natalie Moyer (3rd place), 5th doubles Gabby Bednarczyk and Jessica Komperda (4th place).


Day two of conference (Singles) came on April 27th also at Argo. 2nd singles Sandy Berg (2nd place), 7th singles Ava Johnson (2nd place), 9th singles Natalie Moyer (3rd place), and 10th singles Gabby Bednarczyk (3rd place). Totaling both doubles and singles points Oak Lawn placed 4th overall at conference.


Sectionals were on May 4th. Qualifiers this year were Beata Graca, Sofia Barrera, Sandy Berg/Delilah Trujillo (3rd place), and Jayiln Haupt/Emily Moyer (4th place).


Delilah and Sandy both qualified state this year which will occur May 12th and 13th.


Besides games and tournaments the badminton team was also a part raising support for the Oak Lawn Fire Buddies organization, an organization that offers support and help to children fighting critical illness.


Even though the badminton season is over many wins and improvement came this season, leaving the Oak Lawn Varsity Badminton team with a positive end.