Ghostface strikes again in Scream VI


     Scream VI, directed by Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, stars Courteney Cox, Hayden Panettiere, Jenna Ortega, and Jack Champion. Hollywood’s newest generation of young actors carry the weight of producing the latest Scream film in the franchise and they do an amazing job. The fight to survive Ghostface continues with the teens of Woodsboro. 

     Scream VI follows the teens of Woodsboro that have found refuge in New York City. A new location brings hope to the group that they may escape Ghostface, which is then cut short when he appears in the city. Tara and Sam Carpenter fight for their lives against a Ghostface that is extremely violent towards them. Throughout the film, Sam has the underlying feeling that the return of Ghostface is her fault. Feeling the evil that is inside her, due to her serial killer father, is what keeps Ghostface attracted to her. The group discovers a Ghostface shrine in the city that is dedicated to the horrors of the killers. Legacy characters such as Kirby and Gale make an appearance in the film. Their presence acts as a guiding force to the teens to help defeat Ghostface. Will the introduction of new characters such as Ethan Landry and Anika Kayoko add to the suspect or victim list of Ghostface?

     The main attraction to this film is the violent and aggressive nature of Ghostface compared to the rest of the franchise. Ghostface is seen to be much more gruesome in his killings and almost angry with the core four characters. In classic Scream manor, Ghostface has its own unique features. This Ghostface is more public and seems to be assertive in his targets. Scream VI has been very well received by dedicated fans as one fan on Google says, “Scream 6 is a bloody good time”. What makes Scream VI one of the best films in the franchise is its ability to incorporate a different cast and story while keeping the consistency of the original plot. This is very difficult to do in any franchise of movies especially in horror films. The suspense of this film is incredible for horror lovers out there. Ghostface chasing characters throughout subways and across buildings utilizes the city of New York perfectly. The spine-chilling feeling viewers will get while watching will definitely keep people at the edge of their seats. Viewer discretion is advised as many scenes include gory realistic images. The identity of Ghostface is truly a mystery until the end of the film, but isn’t overly difficult to figure out. It may take a few watches to pick up on the clues and hints that reveal who Ghostface is. 

     Scream VI has amassed quite the following on social media especially TikTok because of its young cast members. Jenna Ortega is the face of horror and mystery in Hollywood right now as she has starred in Wednesday, X, and Scream. Scream VI has scored a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed $104.0M in the Box Office. This film can be watched in theaters or Paramount Plus. Scream VI is honestly such a great scary movie to watch and is easy to follow if you haven’t watched the previous films. Scream VI is the perfectly movie to watch for anyone who wants to be spooked and is ready for a little bit of anxiety.