Daisy Jones & The Six: From book to screen

Daisy Jones & The Six: From book to screen

Camila Ramirez, Staff writer

     Daisy Jones & The Six, produced by Josie Craven, stars descendant of Elvis Presley Riley Keough, Sam Claflin, and Camila Morrone. This book to screen adaptation of a 1970s rock band has hit Amazon Prime this month with six episodes. Filled with creative costumes, a rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack, and prolific singing, Daisy Jones & The Six engulfs viewers every week. 

     Daisy Jones & The Six follows the interview sequence of a band that has decided to reveal the truth about their career. Daisy Jones & The Six were the most popular rock band in the late 70s and after their last show at Soldier Field, they vanished from the spotlight. Told in the style of a documentary from the perspective of each member and close friends, everyone discusses the events that lead to their tragic downfall. In the first three episodes, viewers are told the beginnings of the band and their migration to California to follow the rock ‘n’ roll scene. From a small town band in Pittsburgh, Billy Dunne, his brother Graham, and their band long for better opportunities. So they, alongside Billy’s partner Camila, take a road-trip to Los Angeles in search of fame. Simultaneously, we are told the early life and adolescence of Daisy Jones. Daisy’s life began as the child of parents in the L.A music scene and was undoubtedly neglected. Daisy struggled with substance abuse and her safety as a teen. But by the luck of fate, Daisy crosses paths with The Six in the later episodes. The band confesses their versions of their story in a documentary style. 

     Daisy Jones & The Six didn’t originate as a show but as a book by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The show for the most part mirrors the events in the book, but some fans disagree. Fans argue that the show censors the raw and more mature aspects of the book such as the emphasis on drug abuse, which diminishes the intensity of the story. However we still see the iconic moments and parts of the book like Karen and Daisy’s friendship in the show. We also see the raging chemistry between Daisy and Billy through the incredible acting of Riley Keough and Sam Claflin. Music is without a doubt the most important part of Daisy Jones & The Six. The fictional band has debuted their studio album Aurora on all streaming platforms and the very vintage vinyl record. The sound of Daisy Jones & The Six gains heavy influence from the iconic 70s rock band, Fleetwood Mac. The dynamic of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham’s onstage relationship inspired the plot of the book and the relationship between Daisy and Billy. Another respectable note to point out is the astonishing job the actors do of actually playing their instruments live on each record. 

     Although there are only six episodes out as of now, Daisy Jones & The Six has already proved that it is a fan favorite. Aurora has charted at Number 1 on the Billboard Soundtracks charts and has been trending on all platforms. The band has gained an additional fan base, courtesy of the show, from those who followed after the book. Fans express their love for the show on social media and are satisfied with the casting of the show. Daisy Jones & The Six reels viewers every Friday night, awaiting the next three episodes. I highly recommend tuning in to this show and watching if you love a good 70s rock ‘n’ roll story.