That 90s Show Hits Netflix


Camila Ramirez, Staff Writer

     That 90s Show stars Callie Haverada, Laura Prepon, Kurtwood Smith, and Debra Jo Rupp. Alongside this nostalgic cast are a few fresh faces such as Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, and Sam Morelos. This reboot of the original That 70s Show brings a new revival to such a beloved show for this new generation to enjoy. 


     That 90s Show follows the daughter of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti 20 years after their time in Point Place Wisconsin. Leia (played by Callie Haverada) visits her grandparents, Red and Kitty, for the Fourth of July Weekend. However, instead of spending time with her family, Leia befriends the next door neighbor Gwen who shows her the ropes of Point Place and introduces her to a new friend group. Leia goes through the trials and tribulations of being a teen in the summer of ‘95. She forms a strong bond with all of her friends and gets especially close with Kelso’s son, Jay. Will this love blossom or crumble? What will happen when it’s time for Leia to go back to Chicago for the school year? Only time will tell for this new addition to the Forman family.


     The nineties vibe is definitely prominent in That 90s Show as the characters wear retro clothing curated by the original costume designer Melina Root who worked on That 70s Show. The mention of nineties cult classics such as 90210 and Free Willy brings a wave of nostalgia for viewers. The first experience with a computer also rocks Kitty for an episode of the show. The set is an exact replica of the original Forman house from That 70s Show with the iconic basement that housed all the neighborhood kids. Now Leia and her new gang spend the entire summer using the basement just like her father. Recurring characters like Fez keep the memory of the original show and makes every viewer crack a laugh. Kelso and Jackie also make an appearance which is such a great surprise for all. Many of the episodes mirror those of That 70s Show and allow for the new generation of fans to enjoy a new take on the show. 


     That 90s Show has been receiving mixed reviews by viewers. Some critique the show even being made and its attempts to remake a classic piece of television. Others argue that the beginning of the show has an awkward tone and lacks the humor tha That 70s Show produced. While some viewers just feel uncomfortable with a new generation remake and expect the show to be an exact replica of the original show. Despite the negative comments, That 90s Show has a vibe of its own that is both entertaining and heartfelt. This show will make anyone laugh and feel the perfect amount of nostalgia while making a name of its own. That 90s Show scored 76% on Rottentomatoes and a 6.4/10 on IMDb. This funny and relatable show is perfect for anyone looking for a good laugh.