Theater Triumphs Again- Legally Blonde: The Musical

Sierra Knutsen, Staff Writer

            For the first time in our school’s history, the Oak Lawn Theater Program put on a production of a Musical Theatre Review, performing the iconic Legally Blonde. As opposed to the school’s standard acts of musicals and plays, Musical Theatre Review is a performance in which a small cast executes the plot of a show through the use of song and dance within a 10-minute period. 

            This year’s mini-musical followed the story of Elle Woods, a former sorority girl who attempts to win back her ex-boyfriend by enrolling at Harvard Law School (what, like it’s hard?) and in the process, breaks stereotypes against blondes and becomes a successful lawyer.

            This performance consisted of many unique aspects that are usually unseen in the theater program. Along with the 10-minute play, the cast of the show also performed individual songs from Legally Blonde: The Musical. 

            With each musical number, members of the show’s cast would switch roles and perform as someone else entirely. This seemingly confusing and unfeasible task was made possible by the cast’s color coordination and simple yet effective set, with each character dressed in the color that would make Elle Woods most proud- pink! 

            Unlike the intricate designs that were displayed on the set of the fall musical, a simple assortment of chairs and tables were all that were needed to bring the courtroom and other scenes to life throughout this show. 

            The amazing cast was accompanied by an amazing crew, with students utilizing the lack of props to make the performance shine in a different way. With each scene that passed, the overhead lights reflected the mood of the song and even represented images at times, such as displaying the colors of the Irish flag during the song “Ireland”.

            The audience truly experienced a medley of different emotions throughout the performance- beginning with incessant laughter due to the dynamic of Elle (Francesca Crosby) and Nikos (Layla Nemri) in the song “Gay or European”, all the way to teary eyes because of the beautiful harmonies shared by Elle (Emma Faucault-Miller) and Emmett (Billy McNichols) during “Legally Blonde”. 

            All proceeds from the event contributed to each cast member’s voice lessons, raising over $1200 to support their passions. The theater program put on a truly unforgettable performance in this new production, and all of its risks definitely paid off.