The Effects of Immigration


Rory Ali, Staff Writer

Immigration has always been a conversational topic, with it being one of the most sensitive, controversial out there. Statistics have shown that the disadvantages of being an immigrant far outshine the advantages. Immigrants tend to find work at the expected pace and while that helps them provide, they tend to work for less. A study in 2019 states that out of the 44 million immigrants in the United States, 1/3 (14.6 million) were low income. These statistics show how the disadvantages of being an immigrant far outshine the advantages. On the contrary this averages to 28.5 million working immigrants and 28.5 million work that could have been available with idealists stating that immigrant presence would lead to economical decline. However, this is not true. Research has shown that immigration does not cause economical decline but instead allows knowledge to be shared and ideas to be made. Some of these ideas being the telephone which was invented by Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell who created it using knowledge present in the United States and Scotland combined. “Inventions by immigrants have pervaded nearly every aspect of American culture. People who have hailed from foreign places have introduced so many new ideas and products to the U.S. – big and small – throughout history. And they continue to do so today.” -Says Envoy writer, Chelsea Iversen