Holiday Spirit from OLCHS


Jessica Komperda, Staff Writer

OLCHS shared the holiday spirit by hosting some Christmas events for children in the community. One of these events being the Keyser Party. The Keyser Party was on Friday December 2, 2022 from 6-9pm, held in gyms 101 and 10.

The Keyser Party is a holiday party for the pediatric cancer center patients from Hope Children’s Hospital hosted by NHS and Student Council. This party is a fun way for OLCHS to share the holiday spirit with kids, by having an assorted number of stations and activities.

Before the event started, members of Student Council and NHS prepared by setting up tables. Tables were decorated in red and green patterns and had a homemade Christmas decoration created by students of the NAHS and Visual Arts Club.

In gym 101 students were setting up various amounts of different stations that the children who attended could go through. Many stations were run by students and members of the community. Some of the various different stations were cookie decorating, slime station, ornament making, makeover station, bracket making, coloring, and crafts.

Once the event started children and their families from the Hope Children’s Hospital arrived and started partaking in holiday activities. Each station was filled with fun activities and “helper elves” who would assist children in their holiday activities. This event wasn’t just stations, it also had some other alternative activities like a photo-booth, food, DJ who hosted some games, and Santa.

Throughout the night you could see having kids having so much fun doing crafts, playing with slime, eating cookies, playing musical chairs, dancing, and just being at this event.

Because of this party event, children were able to have a fun experience possibly things they never did before, and leaving with not only them having smiling faces but volunteers too.