Girls Basketball

Girls Basketball

Elizabeth Concannon, Staff Writer

Following an extraordinary record last year, with all three levels winning the conference championship, the Girls Basketball team is prepared to live up to the high expectations. 


This year’s varsity team is mostly made up of sophomores, with only two seniors, and one junior. Mark Sevedge, the varsity coach, is optimistic about the season, but hopes to overcome some growing pains due to having such a young team.


“Success doesn’t come easy, and it is never just handed to you,” Sevedge said. “We have had success these past few years, but this crew of players has to go out and earn their own success now.” 


A change in pace between varsity and junior varsity games has been a shock for some of the younger girls, creating the need for a positive leading force. The loss of senior Kate Dillion as an active player, due to a torn ACL, has put a lot of pressure on Rose Savaglio to be the needed leader for the younger girls.


“At the end of the day, basketball or no basketball,” Savalgio stated. “My team knows we can trust each other with anything. As a team, we put a lot of hard work into our game both in and out of season. Our record will hopefully display the non-stop dedication to keep improving, from both our coaches and teammates.” 


On the court, this young team demonstrates their dedication to each other and the game. With two strong wins and some tough losses, they show immense improvement every game. 


The Spartans picked up wins against Thornton and Payton College Prep. They beat Thornton, 49-29, and they defeated Payton, 48-41. The losses for Oak Lawn have all come against very tough competition. They’ve fallen to Sandburg, Hillcrest, Mother McAuley, and TF South.


The girls basketball team has a packed schedule this December with 13 games in 27 days, along with multiple tournaments. Looking ahead, there will be an away tournament held at Sandburg on 12/26- 12/28, and we hope the girls will prevail in all of their games. 


“Whether it’s a win or a loss, we come together as a team, learn from it, and focus on the next thing,” said Jacquelin Canales. “ This program is like a second family to us.” 


The girls basketball program is motivated by the family-like aspect between the girls, and the Seniors- Kate Dillion and Rose Savalgio, along with Junior, Maeve Hasset, hope to keep the traditions going while leading the girls in a positive way.


We hope for a very successful season for all three levels of our girl basketball teams, and we hope the team tradition of getting loud and rowdy in the locker room before games aids in the continuation of an impressive record.