Christmas Movie Guide


Camila Ramirez, Staff Writer

     The winter holiday season is quickly approaching and that means that here come the holiday movies too. Most of the holiday movies cater to the younger crowd which can get somewhat repetitive. However, this list will include some more age appropriate movies for teens alongside the classics. Here is a Christmas and holiday movie guide for high school students: 

  • Dash and Lily: A Christmas-loving teen by the name of Lily begins exchanging notes through a notebook with a not so enthusiastic Dash. The two dare the other to participate in holiday shenanigans that bring them closer together. Dash and Lily form a secret romance, but are they ready to reveal themselves? 

  • The Santa Clauses: Years after Scott Calvin becomes Santa Clause, he decides to retire to live a normal life. As he prepares to spend his first Christmas with his own family, trouble with the new Santa replacement arise. Now Scott and his family have to restore the joy of the holidays and fix the mistakes of the new Santa before Christmas! 

  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special When Quill is sad about the absence of Gamora, the rest of the guardians make an effort to cheer him up. So Mantis and Drax fly to Earth to get him the perfect Christmas gift to lighten up the spirit. Their idea of a gift isn’t so much an object, but rather a certain someone. 

  • Home Alone After Kevin’s family leaves him home alone while they vacation, he enjoys the entire house to himself. He thinks he’s safe in his huge house but soon realizes that he isn’t actually alone. 2 criminals try to rob his house and it is up to Kevin to protect it. 

  • Arthur Christmas One of the sons of Santa Clause, Arthur, always has been the uninteresting child. Until he is given the chance to prove himself after Santa forgets a child. It is up to Arthur to deliver the gift to the child and save Christmas! 

  • The Grinch (2018) The grumpy Grinch absolutely hates Christmas. The loudness of the Whoville village pushes him a little too far one year and he is forced to create a plan to steal Christmas. He is going to put an end to Christmas once and for all. 

  • The Polar Express A boy is awakened by a magical train destined for the North Pole. He boards the train unexpectedly and discovers the true meaning of Christmas. It is up to him and the other passengers to believe in Santa in order to reach the North Pole. 

  • Little Women Jo March and her chaotic family of sisters navigate the winter alone as their father is at war. She begins her journey as a writer and she befriends her neighbor Teddy on her road to self discovery. The lives of her sisters and herself are told through an amazing cast of characters. 

  • 8 Bit Christmas In hopes of getting through to his daughter, a father tells her about the events of the late 80s. He reminisces about the joy and horrors he went through as a child trying to get a Nintendo for Christmas. A hilarious depiction of the gaming uprise in the 80s for kids all over. 

  • Let It Snow A group of friends deal with the messiness of relationships and first loves as a huge storm is on its way. They all dread the impending pressures of graduating and the future of their lives. Will relationships be made or broken this Christmas?