Mathletes: Recent Success

Kamil Schab

      Mathletes is a club that needs no introduction, and now that the season is halfway through, now is one of the best times to discuss the success of the team.

    Run by Sara Nicholson and Tammy Watson, the club has seen great success in and out of our school. Nicholson, who has been the head coach for 3 years, says, “It’s a fun club, and the students who join it have great time management skills”. 

    The most significant success recently has to be the most recent match at Oak Lawn, the team placed 2nd overall and were 10 points from first. Seniors and Juniors placed first overall.

    Our oralists ended up getting 1st and 2nd place for their respective categories. This has been one of the best competitions of their season so far! With the next competition on November 9th, the team is eagerly preparing with practices every Wednesday after school.