The Rise of Stray Cats


Rory Ali, Staff writer

Cats have always been popular pets but not in Oak Lawn. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Oak Lawn is known for having more dogs than cats so what would happen if cats start dominating the dog population in Oak Lawn? Sarah Hamden and Alex Ewun are two residents of Oak Lawn that have encountered stray cats and formed an opinion on them. “100’s of years ago there was a plague which wiped out a lot of the cat population. During that time the surrounding environment went into decline as the house pests population increased at an alarming rate.  It took years to get the cat population back to an understandable number which also decreased the number of house pests. I believe that the stray cat population rising in Oak Lawn is definitely useful to decrease house pests” -Sarah Hamdan. However Alex Ewun has formed a different opinion on the matter, “The amount of stray catitas that are spawning is incredibly dangerous as they pop out of no where which could cause car accidents and could lead to the death of them. Let’s not forget the amount of violence people bring on them especially on Halloween. It’s better they have a home and be safe than be terrorized and killed on the streets” -Says Alex Ewun. A popular theory an area resident theorizes is that the stray may have migrated from hickory hills as there has always been a large feline population present. What do you think?