The Media Center’s New Look for 2022


Jessica Komperda, Staff Writer

     The Media Center is probably one of the most enjoyed places in OLCHS. Students come in during the morning to sit with their friends, do some homework before school, or just as a time to relax. Spartan plus for the  Media Center fills so fast it seems as if a race is going on, on who will sign up first. After school is no different with students coming in after class to do their work, people meeting up with friends, and extracurriculars going on throughout the week that are being held in the Media Center. 

The Media Center has become a normal part of some students’ days, and we have gotten used to the set up after last year when the Media Center got new furniture. Walking in to see the front desks on the left and right side. Seating arrangements consisting of the white board tables, square tables, long tables in the back, or the seats in the Northwest wing. The collaboration space to the right with TVs and tables. The library with books on shelves and along the walls. So many students like myself were surprised to come in on the first day of school not seeing the carpeted floors that used to be there before, but with brand new floors that have just been replaced!


The old floors were carpeted that created a homey atmosphere that new and prior students came to take in as normal. Now with the new floors the Media Center has a new modern atmosphere, and a feeling of new beginnings.


     Mrs. Sidlow, one of the Media Center’s librarians, was asked how she felt about this new change. Question 1. Why the change? “So last school year we got a new main desk because the one that was here before was here for a really, really, really long time, and when we moved the new desk we realized the wear and tear of the carpets. We could see that if you look around anytime in the Media Center, there are people in here with food and drinks, and sometimes they spill these foods and drinks. We needed something that was quicker and more efficient to be able to clean, and could withstand the wear of all the students that come to this room.” Question 2. How do you feel about the new floors? “We have had a lot of compliments on the new floors. People say the room looks a lot brighter. Mrs.Whooly and I were nervous it would be a bit noisy, but it’s not that noisy. I think they look great!” Question 3. How do you think students feel about the change? “I’ve heard lots of compliments from students that it looks really nice so that makes us happy.”  Question 4. Any other new upcoming changes to the Media Center? “I don’t know, but yes, I think that things are always changing in the Media Center.”


     Some students also have some opinions on the new look for the Media Center. Stated by anonymous, “I’ll be honest here, I didn’t notice them at first but after a while a friend told me about them, and I did notice how it was more stable and added to the coziness of the Media Center.” Quoted by another student “The old floors brought a more cozy vibe to the Media Center, but the new ones do also brighten up and widen the room with its light colors.”


     Even though the Media Center may look different now then what we have known it to be from last year, it can be fun to have a new change in things. Just because the Media Center has new floors doesn’t mean the way we use it and interact in it will be any different then before. So, how do you feel about the Media Center’s new look? What will be the next surprise the Media Center gives us? “We’ll keep Swiffer in business.”- Mrs.Olejniczak