OLCHS Basketball Takes Center Stage!


Madison Guzman, Staff Writer

This year was a monumental one for OLCHS’s hoops, and everyone is wondering just what the key to their success is. I’m here with the inside scoop from our coaches to retell their amazing journey! 


The girls basketball team had a tall order in front of them from the beginning, with the victory of conference champs last year to follow up to. However, this also worked to their advantage, as they could build off of the valiant effort of those before them. I had the wonderful opportunity to discuss such with Coach Sevedge, who touched on both the challenges and opportunities that came with this instance;


“I felt that this season was more stressful on me and my staff because we wanted to prove that what we are trying to build is meant to last. We don’t want to be a flash in the pan; we want Oak Lawn girls’ basketball to be regarded highly in the southland. Last season was such a joy to capture that first championship during such a difficult time with the pandemic, and this year was one to prove that it wasn’t a fluke.” 


The team’s subsequent success as conference champs (for the second year in a row!) is certainly doing a number on the OLCHS reputation, in the best way possible. Not only that, but this also has effect on the young upstarts of the team. Effort and improvement sets an example for players for years to come.


“It is also getting the players within the program to see that when they buy into what we are doing, success will follow.” 


-Coach Sevedge


Our boys team brought home a conference championship as well this year, making OLCHS history! This accomplishment marks the first time that both teams have been to conference in the same year as well as the first time the boys have achieved such in 39 years! Coach Rhodes discusses what it was like to work towards this,


“Winning the game at Richards that really put us in the driver’s seat and then winning the clincher at TF South were both really amazing moments, because they were the culmination of a lot of hard work from a lot of different people over the course of my tenure here. We’ve been talking about 1983 for my 11 years here – that’s a long time, and we’ve been so close on several occasions, it made the taste of victory this year that much sweeter!”


-Coach Rhodes


Both coaches reported great morale from their squads, which is certainly a contribution to their performance. 


“If you have a strong culture and players are willing to be vulnerable, coachable, and demonstrate some mental toughness, you can overcome most of what comes your way.” -Rhodes


“The team’s morale was outstanding all season long. They knew that with each victory and each defeat there was something that we could learn from them. They never got too down on themselves but also knew to never get too arrogant either. We had a target on our backs after winning the conference last season, so we had to stay humble in order to keep improving.” -Sevedge 


Clearly our teams have put in a world of hard work over the season and continue to inspire the entire athletics division, so massive props to them. We all hope to see their burgeoning success continue. 


Big thanks to Coach Rhodes and Coach Sevedge for providing such great material!