2022 Paint The Gym Purple


Madison Guzman, Staff Writer

2022’s paint the gym purple was a spectacular start to OLCHS’ fundraising season. T-shirt sales went toward cancer research, sold by the combined effort of our Student Helpers. Even if our Spartans didn’t get their hands on one, they wore something purple of their own to show support and solidarity. This event precedes our Relay For Life, so what better way to get students’ attention than high-energy sports? 


There’s something for everybody in PTGP, with all of our Spartan Basketball squads contributing somewhere. Our varsity teams certainly stole the show with their performance, but it’d be criminal to undersell the fresh-soph and JV players. The energy brought to the court was one of camaraderie and excitement, the thrill of competition shared amongst players and attendees alike. Not only were they representing our school, but setting the expectations for the rest of the night. 


Girls varsity brought incredible stamina and accuracy, winning by an astonishing 50 points at 58 to 8! This secured their position as conference champs for a second year in a row. Boys varsity brought home a win as well, 72 to 29, which is certainly something to celebrate. This means that for the first time in OLCHS history, both teams have won conference! In celebration, they cut down their respective nets. Spartan athletes are swiftly making a name for themselves this year.


No second of the action was one to miss, but that’s not where the festivities ended. With consistent encouragement from the Spartan cheer squad and a heartwarming speech from a cancer survivor herself, the spirit of the game burned brightly. A delightful surprise for many audience members, soon commenced a ceremony in which cancer survivors in the audience received roses from our players. This was an excellent way to state our reverence for those in the audience, as well to remind everyone why we were there. To stand together against cancer. 


OLCHS looks forward to more awareness and fundraising events this year, so keep your eyes out! With the promise of concessions, entertainment, and service to a great cause, what more convincing do you need?


Cheers to many more years of Paint The Gym Purple!