SCAB Brings Students Together With Stunning Talent Show


Madison Guzman, Staff Writer

Oak Lawn’s got talent! Especially our incredible students at OLCHS. The senior class advisory board hosted a talent show last week, with Ellie Enriquez as their energetic emcee. The PAC was bursting with incredible audience members- but in case you couldn’t make it, here’s the wrap!

I had the honor of attending the dress rehearsal, so I sort of knew what to expect walking in. (Nevertheless, the performances blew me away.) I got to speak with so many of our amazing performers, including Lanisa Rosales, Jayla Clark, and Amber Trigg.

Lanisa performed an original for us, a song she composed called Fool For You. After hearing her sing and discovering she was a songwriter, I had to hear her thoughts on the event.

She spoke of the emotion that she dedicates to her music, and the true effort that’s behind it. “Sometimes it’s easier to explain your feelings and your thoughts through music than it is through words.” (-Lanisa Rosales) To perform a piece so meaningful in front of so many people is something truly remarkable, great job Lanisa!

Jayla delivered a beautiful cover of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’. The energy she brought to the stage was a great addition to her wonderful voice, and her personality is just as stunning offstage.

“Everybody that’s performing tonight, they have worked hard. I think that work ethic is definitely there. And anybody that performs tonight has guts.” (-Jayla Clark) The confidence they have and the credit they give to their fellow performers is seriously admirable, and what a stage presence they have. Remember me when you’re famous, Jayla.

Amber drew the audience in that night, with a song as enchanting as she was. A melancholy tune called ‘Reckless’ by Madison Beer, her act had the entire audience engrossed.

“I really hope I get a good experience in, I want to continue to do this if it goes as planned.” (-Amber Trigg) I can’t speak for Amber, but I’d say that went better than good. Especially if you’re aspiring to keep performing, this show was a great opportunity to show everyone just how much potential you have.

On that same note, I’d like to mention the first place winners of the show. A dance group called MAS Entertainment had the most audience votes by the end of the night, for very good reason. They lead with a beautiful memorial message for their mentor Vee Smith, and transitioned into stunning choreography. To those performers: you guys did wonderful. Every vote was deserved, as was the applause.

Modern talent shows have a reputation for being competitive- and even malicious, but I’m proud to say that ours was no such case. The acceptance and celebration of each other that our participants had brought the whole show together. A big thank you goes out to the SCAB and its sponsors, cheers to a great turnout!