Lights, Camera, and Action at OLCHS!


Get your tickets quick!

Madison Guzman, Staff Writer

Turn the spotlight on OLCHS’s Performing Arts Center this December, and come down to the SCAB run talent show! December 2nd will be a spectacular night of showcasing our own scholars’ talents. I had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Wholley recently, one of the staff sponsors of the SCAB. I wondered, what exactly was the inspiration behind this event? In a sea of available ideas, why a talent show?

“Well, it’s fun. It involves everybody, and it celebrates everybody, it celebrates diversity. It allows us to put it on by the senior class, but it’s an event for the entire school. It celebrates our talent. It’s more of a case of why *not* a talent show, you know?” -Mrs. Wholley

You heard it here first, folks! Senior class is bringing everyone together this week. The diversity of talent allows so many unique performances to occur, and the confidence it takes to do so is very impressive. The staff acknowledges how daunting this can be, and greatly appreciates their brilliant participants. Not to mention, the addition of the Performing Arts Center to our campus creates an incredible environment for their specialties to shine. 

Whatever your definition of talent is, I guarantee you’ll find it here. So pay them a visit! Support your peers and celebrate our abilities.