A Look Into Thanksgiving Traditions


Annabel Davison, Staff Writer

All holidays have different meanings and traditions for many people. Thanksgiving is just one of those holidays. While most people consider it simply a day for people to at a table and eat a turkey, for others it is a special day with lots of fun and traditions. 

I asked a couple of students here at Oak Lawn Community High School about their typical Thanksgiving traditions, and their plans for the holiday this year. Here were their responses: 

Corinne Ahyee said, “We usually have some family and friends over to our house. It’s not a ton of people, and we’re only having seven this year. We just hang out and play games. There’s some good food too. This year, we’re just planning the same thing. We’re going to have friends and family come over to just hang out and have fun.”

Ivan Garcia said, “I usually visit my dads’ side of the family, and it’s the only time of year we see them. The only tradition we really have is that almost every year, a couple announces that they are pregnant! This year, we are going to go to my cousins’ house again and bring our own dish.”

Andrew Rueda said, “Usually, we invite my family over and we each bring food. After we all eat, we play some games and plan out what we will be doing for Christmas. Currently, I am planning to do this with my friends and family this year, and I am excited for the break.”

Elijah Rangel said, “For Thanksgiving, my grandparents and uncle come over with each a meal of their own. My grandma brings tamiles, my grandpa brings a Mexican pastry or bakery item, and my uncle brings pie, my mom does the rest. This year, some friends and I are planning on doing a ‘Friendsgiving’ potluck of some sort which should be fun.”

These four students each have their own fun and exciting Thanksgiving tradition, and that’s only four people. There are many different things that people do besides eat turkey on this holiday. Whatever your traditions are, have a great Thanksgiving!