2021 Girls’ Badminton Team


Annabel Davison, Staff Writer

Spring is a season filled with sports, one of them being badminton. The girls’ badminton team here at OLCHS is coached by PE teacher Ms. Shafer. I emailed her earlier this month with some questions to get some information about the badminton team and how they’re doing. Here’s all the things you need to know about the 2021 girl’s badminton team. 

The team’s current record is 9-3, and according to Ms. Shafer, the team is playing well in their conference division. Their only conference loss is to top ranked TF South. 

When I asked about top players on the team, there were a few names given. Recently paired Aneta Dzielska and Noor Adi are 2-1 at #1 doubles, amongst other wins with their previous partners. Monaya Ali is currently 7-4 at ⅔ singles. Iman Khater is 5-5 at #1 singles, and is 2-0 with her partner Monaya Ali at #2 doubles.

My final question was “Is there anything else you’d like to say about the girls’ badminton team?” Ms. Shafer’s response was, “We are all so happy that we were able to have a season this year and play. Overall, our team is doing well and looking forward to the culmination of our season with a conference, sectional, and state tournament (if we qualify). We are lucky to have the opportunity to play. I’ve enjoyed coming back and coaching (after a five year layoff) and the future of the program looks bright under the guidance of Coach Eliana LaSpina (OLCHS class 2013).” 

Wishing good luck to our girls, and a good job for all the great games they’ve played. Go, Spartans!