Arabic Honor’s Society Here at OLCHS!


Malik Adi, Staff



     The all-new Arabic Honors Society directed by Mrs. Elmasry has reached OLCHS, and I’m here to elucidate it all! This Honors Society is dedicated to the enlightenment of students regarding the Arabic language, heritage, history, art, culture, and more! The program revolves around providing students with Arabic Language skills, and cultural awareness crucial for the complete and holistic development of knowledge with the subject. This includes helping students acquire the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy in the Arabic language, and so much more! 



     You may be wondering what some of the requirements are and since it’s an Honors Society, they may be specific. Students must have completed 1.5 years of Arabic classes provided at the school before joining the club, members must maintain a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA, and all members must maintain a grade of A in all Arabic course work. This is to ensure that the members are qualified and contain experience regarding the language. After joining the activity, members are expected to participate in all events, contests, meetings, AHS inductions, and sponsored events. Lastly, all members are required to complete 5 service hours of Arabic tutoring. 


Variety of Classes:

    One of the most frequently asked questions is “What types of classes can I take to fulfill my 1.5-year requirement?” Here at OLCHS, Mrs. Elmasry provides a won’t variety of classes. These include Arabic 1-3, which is for students who have limited to no knowledge of Arabic, the next is Arabic 1-2 for Heritage Speakers, which is for students who are familiar with the language and have some knowledge of it, and lastly, there is Arabic 1-2 for Heritage Speakers Honors and Arabic 3 Honors. These are accelerated courses for students who excel in the Arabic Language, and who wish to take their knowledge of the language further. Your placement in any of these classes is swiftly determined by a test or an interview. 


Why You Should Join:

     Other than the fact that this is an amazing opportunity to learn about the Arabic language and culture, Arabic is such a breathtaking language, and here’s why. Arabic leads back to now of the most ancient civilizations in the world, and Arabic is an easy language to read since it has no tricky pronunciation or irregular verbs. Another interesting fact remains that Arabic is the 4th most spoken language in the world, 1.5 million Americans of Arab heritage speak it, and it is considered by the United States Government to be one of the most critical languages for Americans to learn. In conclusion, joining the Arab Honors Society is a great opportunity to learn about the Arabic language and culture while simultaneously earning beneficial awards and titles for post-high organizations.

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