Singing Through the Screen



As the many questions are popping up on how school will continue through quarantine, the choirs around the nation find themselves puzzling a question as well. How are they going to perform their yearly concerts? The solution: virtual concerts where each member separately records themselves singing and all the videos are put together in the end. Coming up on December 9th, 2020, the OLCHS Chorale department will be airing their first virtual concert at 7:00 pm. This concert will showcase broadway arrangements from all the different choirs. 

When asked on the process of setting these concerts up, Mr. Baglione, the choir director, explained that the procedures for making every video perfect and precise takes hours upon hours and is a very draining job. Although this task is not the funniest, he sees that the product in the end will be a fantastic experience and representation of all the hard work the choirs have been putting into their songs. The concert will follow the same outlines and styles as a typical in-person one, but will be more personal as you can view it with your family at home. The link can also be shared, so anyone out of town can now get the chance to view the choir’s hard work. 

Ella Moore, a senior from Ancora, the highest choir at OLCHS, was asked on her view of this concert with it being a new challenge brought her senior year. She said, “It’s been pretty hard to deal with the reality being that our senior year we don’t get to do the things we were looking forward to, but we’ve found a way to adapt and make the best of it,”. This is all new to everyone, but the alternative looks like a promising way to still have fun with singing. As Ella said, “I’m happy we’ve been able to make music even if it was from our own homes,”. 

If you want to experience this history making concert, you can follow this link to the page that you can access the link for the show from. It will be posted the day of the concert and it will only be up for 24 hours starting at 7:00 pm. The choir department hopes that you can tune in to view all their hard work.