Senior Spartans Face College Stress

Senior Spartans Face College Stress

David Romero, Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, students nationwide are well into the process of applying for college. With such a significant step in life, students carry an undeniably heavy burden of stress. 

Deadlines here and deadlines there; one essay after another; high school seniors must juggle their grades in classes, fill out college applications, and maintain their social life. This process is a true test for students, whether one will falter in the face of adversity or rise above the stress.

When asked how the numerous college applications have affected her, Sofia Serna stated, “this semester has been the most overwhelming part of high school— it’s hard to focus on your future and juggle so many different aspects of life. Sometimes I have to put it all aside, keep myself grounded, and remember this is just temporary– things will get better.”

She goes on, however, to examine the application process in a more positive manner stating, “I’m enjoying the application process and thinking about how different life will be just a year from now.” Undoubtedly, students feel a combination of confusion, excitement, and stress. College applications can be exhilarating! Imagining oneself in a brand new campus surrounded by unfamiliar faces and knowing exciting experiences are waiting for you are all so thrilling!

Classmate Taylor Fabian shared a slightly different sentiment. “Yes college applications are time-consuming, and I did have to set days aside to devote my time to college apps. I have a pretty busy schedule with school, work part-time, tutoring for NHS,  student helpers, and dance practice twice a week on top of maintaining my social life. Yes, there are times where I felt burnt out and unmotivated but I need to take time to myself, reflect and take a break when needed. If you really want something you will make time for it, that’s my philosophy.”

To all the seniors feeling the stress of college applications, remember this is not life or death. One choice will not break you. This is unquestionably a monumental step in life, but part of the journey is to enjoy the steps taken. Take a moment to pause and collect your thoughts.  Remember, college applications, in most cases, are due at the beginning of January. With only a month and a half left until January, it’s best to get started on those applications if you haven’t already!