Kicking Off the School Year with a Virtual Assembly


Annabel Davison

The 2020 school year so far has been a strange experience for all of us, what with a global pandemic and remote learning. It’s something nobody ever even considered could happen, and it has caused a lot of stress on students and teachers alike. 

Thankfully, though, Mr. Wargin put together a fifteen minute Virtual Assembly, which was streamed on the OLCHS Athletics Youtube channel on November 6th, to kick off the year. The assembly started off with a fabulous performance put on by the cheerleaders of our school. We were then quickly introduced to the therapy dogs, Luigi and Franklin,  and then watched four students compete in a tricycle race, won by Mike Conroy. The next event was the Girls’ Cross Country team being granted a trophy, for winning Conference for the first time since 2006. Congratulations Girls’ Cross Country! Right next to this on the football field, a quick game of Frisbee Golf was played. What is Frisbee Golf? It is a game in which the first golfer to get their frisbee in the net wins!

After this, we were brought to the Media Center, where students and staff had a Freeze Dance competition, which was quite entertaining. In the gym was another competition, but this one lasted much longer than expected. It was a Hula Hoop contest between the Boys’ Cross Country team, Girls’ Tennis team, and Girls’ Swim team. Everyone was steady for a while, but finally some members of the girls’ teams won the contest. The assembly ended the same way it started, with another (fabulous, of course) performance. 

While this virtual assembly may not have been what we thought would take place in the beginning of the school year, it was still a fun, happy way to kick off the year.