Spartans React to Election 2020


Grace Tynski, Staff Writer

As of November 3rd, 2020, the Presidential Election began. It lasted almost 5 days, and results flooded in the morning of November 7th. Joe Biden won the Presidential Election by winning Pennsylvania, which put him at 284 electoral votes.

Although most students at OLCHS could not vote in this election, the results affect most if not all of us. A freshman, Aidan Bunce, said he “felt powerless in a country I call home,” about the fact that he couldn’t vote. Upon realization of the results, Aidan says he’s “relieved, but not satisfied.” 

A senior, Emma Omalley Galvan, said she was disappointed with not being able to vote yet. She said the country’s youth is becoming increasingly involved in politics recently, and I couldn’t agree more. She also stated, “Personally I think that this election had a lot riding on it in regards to social issues, such as rights among various groups of people and/or minorities.” I think that’s great insight and I definitely agree. 

In conclusion, this election was a historic one and for the first time in a long time, I’ve seen so many people full of hope, relief, and joy. It’s wonderful to see and I hope it continues.