Perfect Ways to LOSE a Debate

Perfect Ways to LOSE a Debate

Ava Cipriani

Wow, so debate season has started at last. How incredible! How exciting! How…sad. Are those really the candidates; the ones that were up there yelling? One of them is going to be in charge of our country? Wow…
In light of these recent events, I think it’s necessary that we Spartans should go over some rules on how NOT to debate, because some people still don’t understand.

Number 1:
Do NOT Talk During your Opponent’s Time
Although it may be difficult, one must refrain from talking while their opponent is making their point. It’s majorly a matter of respect. If you give your opponent time to speak, you will be able to make your rebuttal during your turn, and they will return the courteous silence that you displayed. Going through a debate like this will lead to nothing but curt civility.

Number 2:
Do NOT Insult your Opponent
The classic Ad-Hominem argument is never a good choice. Attacking your opponent instead of their argument is unprofessional and rude. Also, this type of argument portrays an extreme lack of intelligence for the person that uses it; there’s no reason why you would choose to attack your opponent if you had the proof to take on their argument instead.

Number 3:
Do NOT Argue with False Data
Well, obviously, this is never a good idea. In a state of panic, politicians will throw out random numbers all the time, and it never benefits them. If you don’t know the facts, either find your way around it, or admit that you may not know that one. Lying will most-definitely be used against you.

With these helpful, hopefully-obvious DON’Ts to debating, the Spartans will be able to demonstrate mature behavior in their future arguments.