Shadow Day Success


Erinn Dougherty

Mustafa Abdelmuti, staff writer

Shadow day is a day when a student comes to a new school and follows a student around to learn how the school functions. It’s also a great day to ease future high schoolers into their future school. Not only is it a great day to show them how to deal with the change but that alone could help them decide if they want to take certain classes as they move on up to high school. If you have any siblings in 8th grade then you should bring them along, they would follow around for most of your schedule realizing the change that they’ll go through from eighth to ninth grade. In the end shadow day is a day where future students create new friends in oak lawn community high school. Visiting students will discover how learning challenges can be interesting and fun. On a Shadow Day, students will be greeted by their host student, join their host student in his/her classes, where they will be invited to join in the learning experiences, they’ll leave with a new friend to help answer questions about this life changing step. Shadow day is only the first step and prepares 8th graders for high school academic success. So bring your siblings with you for shadow day and show them around oak lawn community high school!