Red ribbon week


Brianna Jordan, Staff writer

Many things have been happening with teens and drugs in recent years. Teens have consumed these drugs and some have actually died in our Oak Lawn Community. 

OLCHS wants to spread this awareness to help stop the usage of drugs. This year for red ribbon week will take place Oct. 21-25.

According to Mr. Robert Brida, the sponsor of the club, Students Against Destructive Decisions, during every lunch period there will be many raffles going on to win cool prizes. During the announcements, they will share information about alcohol and drug awareness spreading it through our community. 

Everyday of the week will be a theme. On Monday, wear your sweats to sweat away the drugs. Tuesday, we wear neon to kick the drugs to outer space. Wednesday, we are going to shade away the drugs by wearing our sun glasses. Thursday, wear a dear/ edge shirt. Friday is going to be a fun day wear all your VSCO girl gear for VSCo Day.