Sock the Court


All the socks that were thrown onto the court during the paint the gym purple game.

Michal Landa, Staff Writer

This year’s annual Sock the Court event hosted by the NHS was very success. With over 60 socks donated, a strong donation was set forth towards the nonprofit organization, “The Joy of Socks” who provide socks for the homeless. The foundations purpose is simple, collect socks to later donate to homeless people. As stated on their website, socks are rarely donated for the homeless to the point where it is the number one most needed clothing item in many places. We may not think that highly of socks, however for the homeless, weather conditions, unsanitary floors and many other factors lead to infections and illnesses like athletes foot, frostbite, and even lose of nerve function in the foot. If you would like to get involved or just learn more about the foundation, visit their website,