Roaring Waves 🌊


Satellite view of Hurricane Harvey over Texas.

Maria Villagomez


It’s September of the year 2017 and it’s one of the worst times of the season; Hurricane Season. Around this time of the year there are active hurricanes causing havoc in different parts of the world. September can be counted as one the worst months for hurricanes due to how often they occur during this month.

As many have known recently Texas went through a massive hurricane that destroyed many homes and flooded many of streets across the state. This hurricane is known as Hurricane Harvey and one of the two most powerful hurricanes ever recorded since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. It affected Texas, parts of Louisiana, Belize, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

Not only did it destroy homes and caused massive amount of flooding, it took 71 lives. (Confirmed Sept 6 by rescuers). Harvey was categorized as a category 5 hurricane and one the strongest in Texas history. The damages that were caused by the hurricane are worth 70-200 billion dollars and recovery from the horrific hurricane could take many years.

Hurricane Harvey wasn’t the only hurricane to come this year, a number of four other hurricanes are expected to hit this year alone. The next hurricane to hit is called hurricane Irma, and is expected to be just as strong as Harvey. Hurricane Irma had a category of 5 and hit Florida the week of August 30th. Hurricane Irma took the lives of 55 people. Irma also hit Leeward islands, Saint Martin, the Bahamas, Caicos islands, and many southern U.S states.

Irma started off as a category 2 hitting the Caico Islands and then over a five day period it got up to category 5 making it as powerful as Harvey. The trail of the hurricane hit many places such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, and finally reaching the United States. Irma flooded many of the first places it hit, southern U.S states dealt with storms and heavy rain. Florida experienced heavy winds and several areas were mildly flooded. People are getting through the storms and staying strong as hurricane Irma clams down her wrath.

There are two other hurricanes that have been said to come back to do more destruction, those hurricanes being Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Katia. Hurricane Jose is predicted to hit the southern part of the US and Katia is predicted to hit near Mexico. Both Jose and Katia are predicted to be category 2 hurricanes and expected to flood many areas. Katia is also expected to cycle back and hit Cuba and Puerto Rico, flooding many parts of the countries.