February Horoscopes

Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac Symbols

Jules Rollberg, Staff Writer

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March 21 – April 20

It’s winter and you’re bored. Maybe it’s because you want to get outside, maybe it’s for other reasons entirely, but don’t blow up over it. Try taking up a new hobby and find ways to entertain yourself. Surely the boredom will disappear eventually.

April 21 – May 21

It may be a busy month, but just roll with it. Focus on the here and the now, not what’s going to happen in the distant future. Keep your mind set on your tasks and you’re sure to overcome any obstacle.

May 22 – June 21

For once in your life, things will finally be relaxed and calm. Chill out and take advantage of your free time. Don’t let the boredom get to you and enjoy your leisurely month.

June 22 – July 22

Hang in there, man. Keep your emotions in check and don’t panic over minor situations. Just enjoy what you have and the presence of your loved ones.

July 23 – August 21

This month you finally have a chance to test your leadership skills. You’re a natural born leader, so things should move along smoothly. Just don’t be too much of a leader. Listen to other opinions and ideas and make your ideas based on what everyone says, not just what you say. Stick to that and you’ll do great.

August 22 – September 23

Don’t be so uptight. Have fun and make some plans with friends this month. Loosen up a little. You might even meet someone new in the end!

September 24 – October 23

New changes are being made that you’re not used to. Just do what you always do and go with the flow.

October 24 – November 22

There’s going to be a bit more drama than usual this month, but don’t overreact. Just take a step back and evaluate your choices before making a logical decision. You’ll be alright.

November 23 – December 22

This month will be busy, and I mean REALLY busy. Don’t procrastinate or waste your energy on useless projects. Work on what you need to get done and have a little fun on the side. Just try to avoid going in too many directions at once.

December 23 – January 20

Chill out, man! Mind your own business and don’t worry about what’s going on with everyone else. Just focus on yourself. You do you.

January 21 – February 19

It’s your month now, own it! Enjoy your birthday and birth month like there’s no tomorrow! Chances are you’ll be a little luckier in life since it’s the month of the Aquarius, so take advantage of it.

February 20 – March 20

There may be big events coming up in your life, but what’s bigger right now are your responsibilities. Don’t let yourself get distracted and stay organized in the wake of new milestones in your life.

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