A Fairytale Ending


Pictured: Adam Ziada

Gina Snyder, Staff Writer

Marissa Meyer has finally released her enthralling final edition to her Lunar Chronicles series. In the book Winter, Cinder’s journey comes to an end after battling Queen Levana of Luna. Cinder was revealed to be the rightful owner of the Lunar Throne in the first novel Cinder. As the true princess, she had to stop Prince Kai of the Earthen Eastern Commonwealth from marrying Levana and putting the galaxy in danger of Levana’s evil reign. However, Cinder hasn’t faced her journey on her own. Along the way Cinder gained help from her loyal android Iko, her friends Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress and Captain Thorne. Cinder hopes to liberate the people of Luna by taking back her throne and forming a new and peaceful alliance with the people of Earth.

    As the reader gets tangled in Cinder’s mission of liberation and justice, the reader is introduced to the new character Winter. Winter is the step-daughter of Levana and would also like to see Levana be overthrown so the Lunar people can once again be happy. Winter is assisted by her protective guard Jacin. Jacin must prove his loyalty to Winter after Levana tests whom he really wants to protect. Cinder enlists the help of Jacin and Winter, the rest of her group and the oppressed Lunars to defeat Levana.

    This final book is action packed and does a great job of including the story and plot of previous novels of the series. Every character is strongly developed with their own distinct traits. Marissa Meyer also involves many character pairings that expose the reader to how different character personalities work with each other. These character pairings and events can be entertaining, comedic, emotional and sometimes awkward. There is no doubt that most of the success of the Lunar Chronicles comes from the strong character progression from one novel to the next.

   The best part of the entire series is the unique blend of science fiction and fairytale plot lines. All five books of the series show similar parallels to traditional Grimm fairy tales. Meyer incorporates aspects from short stories Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Little Snow-White. The reader may not see the connection to the original stories immediately, but when the connection is found the plot becomes even more enjoyable. The Lunar Chronicles contain many characters and subplots making it easy for almost anyone to have quick read and to want more.