Youtubers Create Novel on Life Before Fame

Melanie Schlesser, Staff Writer

If you’re a YouTube fan, you might know a couple of brits known as “danisnotonfire” and “AmazingPhil.” Well, big news–THEY CAME OUT WITH A BOOK! The book is “The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire: The World of Dan and Phil.” The book was released on October 13 in the US.

This book consists of many stories from the pre-YouTube years of Dan and Phil and a bunch of there stories, including what happened on an infamous trip to Las Vegas. In typical Dan and Phil fashion, the book is loaded with hilarious commentary and segments, such as the two pondering the apocalypse and a robot takeover. Though it can be goofy at times, it really makes you think and ask: “Why am I even reading this?”

This book will make a great read for dinosaurs and philions of all ages. Besides being fun and easy, it’s short, so it allows for more time to watch their YouTube videos. All in all, this book is definitely worth the money if you’re a fan.