Blacklist Review

Melanie Schlesser, Staff Writer

‘The Blacklist’ is a show on NBC. It first premiered in September 2013. Since then, the show has gained a lot of popularity and viewers, scoring an 8.2 on IMDB. Having just started it’s third season, the show has become progressively dark.
The show stars around Special Agent Elizabeth Keen, a rookie profiler for the FBI. It just so happens that on Liz’s first day one of the highest ranked criminals on the FBI’s Most Wanted list turned himself in. The criminal, Raymond Reddington, insists on speaking to Liz. He tells her that it she agrees to becomes partners with him, he will help the FBI bag criminals unknown to the government. He pulls these criminals from his personal list that he calls “The Blacklist”.
Recently after arresting or killing many of the criminals on Red’s list, one criminal comes in and changes everything. *MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR END OF SECOND AND THIRD SEASON AHEAD* This criminal, known as Karakurt, gets the government and all of America to believe that Liz murdered a senator. To make her seem more guilty, Karakurt fixes it so that Liz attorney general, Tom Connolly. Red believes an organization known as The Cabal are behind this. The Cabal are a group of executives and other important people that cause chaos in the world.
This show has always been a little dark with some of the Blacklisters, but it just keeps progressing. It doesn’t change how good the show is, which is very excellent. This show is full of twists and turns and so much action. After watching the show, it makes you question everyone you come into contact with, whether they could be a Blacklister or if they could be in the future. It also makes you think, not only about how you would feel in these positions but also if it’s saying anything about our government.
NBC seemed to have struck gold with this fantastic show, which will hopefully be on for many more seasons. ‘The Blacklist’ shows on Thursdays 9/8c on NBC.