Walk The Moon Reveiw

Gina Snyder, Staff Writer

We all have heard “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon a million times. After their wild success with the hit song, I thought it would be a good idea to listen to the rest of their album, “Talking is Hard”.
I was expecting catchy, positive songs much like “Shut Up and Dance.” I was not disappointed. There are twelve songs on this album with varying styles. This variety provides all listeners with at least one song they can enjoy.
The whole album tends to focus on the vocals of lead singer Nicholas Petricca while letting the talents of Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman still be heard. The sound of Walk the Moon is very refreshing with synth sounds and retro rhythms.
The general idea of the album is to live life to the fullest and embrace things when they go wrong. A lesson to learn from Talking is Hard is to appreciate what you have and take advantage of life while it is still here. For example, the song Portugal tells how “I’m sorry I can’t, I’ve got plans/ As I watch the time slip through my hands”. It may be difficult to put time aside when schedules are busy, but it is important to make memories and let go sometimes. Balance is essential in life, so if life gets rough, just remember to take a breath.
Along with the ideas of letting go, Walk the Moon promotes ideas of equality and acceptance among all people. In the song Different Colors the band reminds us that we’re “different colors” but “we carry each other”. This all means that we should all embrace our differences but at the same time, lift each other up to become better. The band also sings “we’re coming awake, outta your spell/ as long as it takes, we’re coming awake”. These lyrics reflect the growing acceptance of our generation. Walk the Moon’s combination of insightful lyrics and unique sound creates a beautiful album that should be more recognized. I know with time Walk the Moon will be credited for being more than a one-hit wonder after the dazzling album Talking Is Hard.